Rainscreen Metal Cladding Systems

Transform your building and set your business apart from the rest with the Hartbrights Architectural Cladding rainscreen cladding façade system.

Manufactured from original ALUCOBOND®, the world renowned corporate architecture material, our building envelopes offer a wealth of benefits, including:

» Superior fire protection
» Low maintenance
» 100% recyclable
» Available in a range of solid, metallic and bespoke finishes
» Virtually limitless choice of colours

Not only that, by choosing a rainscreen cladding building envelope you will increase your commercial square foot valuation and your kerb appeal.

About Alucobond®

Original ALUCOBOND® has been one of the most successful image building corporate architecture materials worldwide since 1969. Used for applications such as cladding, totems and canopies, ALUCOBOND® offers architects and designers unlimited freedom for creative, innovative and individual planning.

Thanks to the huge colour and surface variety, availability in every company-specific colour and unrivalled durability, ALUCOBOND® is the premium product for building envelopes.

ALUCOBOND® has been used to create unique projects communicating brand values, reference points and experiences in a three dimensional, spatial and emotional manner. At the same time, it offers sustainability and cost efficiency at an affordable price.

Recent Projects